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Guardrails for collective protection

Guardrails provide security for roofs, walkways for inspection and escape ways. People accessing the roof do not need fall arrest equipment or instructions. They can walk and work on the roof without being restricted in their mobility. Therefore the professional associations strongly recommend collective protection rather than personal fall arrest protection.

Our guardrails are easy to assemble and very cost efficient – without compromising on quality and safety. The use of aluminum guarantees high corrosion resistance and longevity.

We supply different types of guardrails:

  • For flat roofs up to a maximum pitch of 5°, self-supporting and non-penetrative

  • For trapezoidal or sandwich and various metal roofs

  • For the installation on or at the parapet

A functional system fitting on your roof for your special purpose

GARDCO is a modular system with options for various types of individual roof constructions

Different roof types

Our guardrails can be installed as a selfsupporting system with counterbalances or fixed on roof parapets, trapezoidal and metal roofs.

Flat Roofs

On flat roofs we use a non-penetrative and self supporting system with counterbalances.

The guardrails comply with the requirements of DIN EN 14122-3 or EN 13374 as well as NF E 85-015. Assembly is fast, easy and economic as nothing has to be fixed to the roof. There is no risk of damage or penetration of the roofing.


The railing can be built straight, bent or even foldable by using different footers for the posts.

Die solide feste Basis für ein senkrechtes selbsttragendes Geländer.
Vormontierte Schrauben machen die Montage schnell und einfach.

Railing posts

The posts are important for the visual appeal of the guardrail. Curved or leant posts give a more decent look.


We accompany your project from the planning to the installation on the construction site and are there to support you. Simply ask us for an offer.

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