Walkways for Flat Roofs - Lightweight, Firm and Easy

ROOFWALK CrossGrip scores top marks where walkways with light weight and fast and easy installation are required.


ROOFWALK CrossGrip walkways guide to the different installations on the roof. The roof membrane is protected and access routes are clearly marked and channelled. 


Due to its open structure ROOFWALK CrossGrip remains securely postitioned up to heavy wind conditions. It was tested in high wind speeds up to 150 km/h. The drainage effect of ROOFWALK CrossGrip makes sure that you can always walk on dry and slipresistent surfae.

Walkways with CrossGrip are easy and fast to install. Delivery is in 10 m rolls. It just has to be rolled out and can be cut at corners and edges as needed.

Technical Data

  • UV resistant

  • Resistant to temperatures between -23 and +60° C

  • flame retardant according to EN ISO 13501-1


  • Compatible with PVC roof membranes

  • Height: 14 mm

  • Weight: 6,6 kg/m²

  • Tested in wind speeds up to 150 km/h on flat and stable platform

  • Widths:  600, 910 oder 1.200 mm

  • Standard colours: grey, black


  • Compatible with FPO, bitumen and EPDM roof membranes.

  • Height: 12 mm

  • Weight: 5,2 kg/m²

  • Tested in wind speeds up to 150 km/h on flat and stable platform 

  • Width: 750 mm

  • Standard colours: white

Consulting and Quotation:

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CROSSGRIP PVC is suitable for all PVC membranes, CROSSGRIP TPO for FPO or TPO, bitumen and EPDM membranes. Please contact us for further information.