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Stairs and Stepover Platforms

The ROOFSTEP  program provides safe overpasses across fire barriers, tubes and supply ducts. ROOFSTEP stepover platforms can be used for any kind of obstacles also for the passage from one roof level to another.


ROOFSTEP overpasses for flat roofs include 4 concrete loads with PU coating so that they do not need to be fixed to the roof structure. For metal roofs we can provide a subcontruction which assures a safe mounting to the seam or bead.


The inclination of the stairs of 45° allows easy and comfortable walking. The stairs and platforms have a slipresistant surface for secure footing. All the elements are preassembled and can be mounted in short time.

ROOFSTEP stepover platforms comply with the requirements of ISO 14122-3:2016.

Ueberstieg 5.jpg


For roofs with an inclination of 20° and more steps are compulsory for the way from the eave to the ridge. ROOFSTEP can be combined perfectly with ROOFWALK to meet these requirements.

ROOFSTEP can be continuously adjusted from 5° to 55° with steps of 250 mm.

Like ROOFWALK the system is independant from the seam distance.

With ROOFSTEP we fulfill the features, which are required in DIN 18160-5 for the instllations for the chimney sweapers. Just like ROOFWALK , ROOFSTEP fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 516 and is CE certified.

Perfect Planning

ROOFSTEP customized:

  • overpass with or without guardrail

  • freestanding or fixed to the metal roof

  • different widths

  • height according to the requirements of the roof

  • comfortable 45°-stairs or steeper 60° for restricted space

  • steps for steep roofs and different inclinations

Ask for consultance - we are pleased to help you with your project

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