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Solid-C, our name reflects our programme.

It represents solid and firm products and components which meet the requirements.


Solid-C     Sophisticated products, well engineered for individual applications

Solid-C     Competent consultation ensuring that the right product will be installed at the
                  right place to fulfill its function

Solid-C     Quick and uncomplicated processing

Solid-C is an owner-run company, managed by Christian und Cornelia Fürholzer. Our focus is on the development and distribution of special products for roof and facade.


Solid-C Fürholzer.jpg

Our products and systems provide innovative solutions for special demands. We develop our own products like ROOFWALK, a walkway system for maintenance and escape on metal and flat roofs and our seamclamps CF:x. Furthermore we complete our product range with the  distribution of products from other suppliers such as GARDCO safety railings.

We sell our products internationally. You can find ROOFWALK i.e. on airports of Algier, Teneriffa and Frankfurt and on the roof of the German embacy in Ghana. PV plants on the airport of Dubai and fall protection systems in Katar and in Benelux countries are fixed with CF:x Clamps.

Permanent improvement and continuous development of our products of today provide the basis for optimal solutions for tomorrow. With our broad experience and sensivity towards developments we look for the chances and possibilties of the future together with our customers.

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