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ROOFWALK system for metal roofs

ROOFWALK and ROOFSTEP provide permanent and safe access to your roof. ROOFWALK enables you to reach your solar panels and airconditioners for inspection on the roof.


The system can be mounted on metal roofs with standing seams or trapezoidal roofs up to a
slope of 30°.

With a width of 500mm minimum ROOFWALK complies with all the requirements for a safe maintenance and inspection walkway. The gratings are slip resistance class R11 and can be walked-on even during bad weather conditions. ROOFWALK has been tested according to DIN EN 516 and CE certified.

The grating is mounted on a system bar with screw channels on both sides. They can be used for the installation of hand rails, foot bars or other applications. The modularity of the system also allows us to vary in width or even create platforms when needed. Ask for an individual quote for your project.

Walkways specially configured for your roof

ROOFWALK is individually planned and dimensioned for each project, so that we can adapt it to your wishes and needs and ensure the highest possible cost efficiency.The possiblity to mount ROOFWALK parallel to the standing seem as well as vertical to the standing seem gives us the necessary flexibility for the planning process.

ROOFWALK - walkway for maintenace

To be able to reach the other end of the roof even if there are obstacles such as tubes, pipes and cables, ROOFWALK has been combined with small bridges and stairs.


Over 20° slope we recommend the walkway with stairs, over 30° it is a legal requirement. ROOFSTEP has been designed as a component to ROOFWALK to fulfill these demands.

ROOFSTEP fulfills the requirements for chimney sweepers according to DIN 18160-5.

ROOFSTEP is tested according to DIN 516 and CE certified like ROOFWALK.

more functions
Further options

IIf you need electricity or data connections on your roof, a cable management can be added to the walkway.

ROOFWALK with railing

To increase safety you can add a guardrail along side ROOFWALK – with safety doors if required.

ROOFWALK with railing

A foot bar can prevent tools and screws from falling.

We offer support and advice concerning the planning and the adaption of ROOFWALK to your needs and details.

This means individual planning and consulting for each project

  • individual planning and consulting for every object

  • precise part lists

  • shipping according to the part list

The roof of the main railway station in Salzburg needed to be accessible for maintenance. To fit in architects concept of a round parabolic white roof ROOFWALK was delivered powder coated in white. 

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