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Unterkonstruktion für die Fassade

Customized subconstruction for each ventilated facade

The ventilated facade allows a lot of freedom in design and architecture. Our solutions help providing a safe, high quality and economical subconstruction for your facade.



Allface smart fixing systems F1.10 and F2.10 offer a great variety of fixing solutions. They can be used as fix point or as vertical flexible point while providing a high stability.

Smart Fixing System

For each application there are particular requirements. To respond various needs the system allows to screw, rivet, hang or bond the facade.

Rivets and Clamps are visible fixings but inexpensive and easy to install.

Concealed systems which are invicible from the outside are also possible with the smart fixing systems.


A private property in Stuttgart has been renovated and equipped with a new ventilated facade

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