We are experts. On rooftops to be precise.

As a mid-sized company, Solid-C is innovative as well as solid. With many years of experience in the area of installations and safety on roofs around the world, we are a “hidden champion”.

Our product innovations are among the most secure in the entire industry. ROOFWALK, our patented system for maintenance walkways on roofs of all kinds, is an example. Combined with GARDCO safety guardrails, it stands for the highest level of safety on rooftops around the world. Although we secure roofs all around the globe, our home base remains in Heimsheim. Originating here in the metropolitan region of Stuttgart, where people take pride in the local Swabian spirit of invention and ingenuity, many of Solid-C’s technical solutions have conquered the world. In addition to our own innovations, we also rely on the portfolios of partner manufacturers who are as committed as we are.

You can find our structures at airports in Algiers and Tenerife, Frankfurt and Dubai, our systems provide safety from the Benelux countries to Qatar. We stand behind our good name, because the C in Solid-C stands for our founding couple Cornelia and Christian Fürholzer, who run the company. Both Cs stand for top-quality products, competent consulting, and first-class service. This is our commitment each and every day:

Solid-C – At home on the rooftops of the world.

“The highest level of safety is our top priority. On rooftops worldwide!”

Cornelia & Christian Fürholzer

Solid-C Fürholzer

Only the best for your safety on the roof.

When it comes to rooftop safety, production area and fall protection, only first-class products will do. Together with competent consulting and excellent service, these are what make us No. 1.

Secure mounting with precisely fitting clamps.

Six different clamp types in different versions for all installations of solar and photovoltaic panels, roof access systems and more, prepared in advance for fast installation on site.

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This is how to escape safely over the roof in an emergency.

If there is a fire in the building, a safe escape route via the roof is often required. ROOFESCAPE covers a number of vaiants on the most diverse roofs including rescue platforms.

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RoofWalk Modulares Laufwegsystem
Walk and work safely on all roofs.

Roof access system for maintenance and inspection. Work safely with secure footing at any height, in any weather, especially on metal roofs. With ROOFWALK, create walkways across your roof as needed.

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Atriumhaus Frankfurt/Oder
Guardrails need to be this secure.

All-round safety with freestanding or permanently installed railings that guarantee free access to the roof. This means complete protection for everyone without the use of harnesses.

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School Ditzingen
Safely climb over obstacles .

Secure crossovers help you navigate obstacles such as firewalls, ventilation ducts and everything that gets in the way during maintenance.

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Safely climb to the roof

Secure access to the roof. With back protection and optional security gate.

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Here’s the latest!

Find out all about our latest projects, coming trade-fairs, product innovations from Heimsheim and the whole world of roof safety.

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These roofs are on our beat.

It’s no coincidence that especially security-sensitive buildings such as airports, embassies and production facilities are equipped with Solid-C systems.