ROOFWALK on metal roofs

ROOFWALK walkways offer slip-proof walking on smooth roofs


Maintenance walkways on roofs with trapezoidal sheet metal and seamed roofs

On our profiled walking grates, you can reach all systems needing maintenance without slipping.

Safely reaching the HVAC duct filter or the SHEV system in any season or weather is easy with ROOFWALK. The high slip-resistance of ROOFWALK maintenance walkways gives you firm footing in wet and frosty conditions on smooth metal roofs. Even bridges over inside gutters can be easily installed with ROOFWALK.

In Germany, a minimum width of 50 cm is prescribed for maintenance walkways. But even the 60 cm width required in other countries is no problem for us. All ROOFWALK maintenance walkways are tested according to EN 516 and fully comply with requirements.

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