Solid-C. Our name is our promise.

The comprehensive program for maximum safety on the roofs of the world.

Roofs are what you find at the very top. And that’s exactly where we at Solid-C join the game. For many years, work safety and fastening systems on roofs have been our focus. Together with our customers, we seek out new opportunities and possibilities for the future. Roof safety is a particular concern of ours and since our company was founded, we have been at the top of the list of suppliers of safety systems on roofs around the world.

We rely on in-house innovations, but also combine them with products from partner companies turning two great things into something exceptional.

We at Solid-C: All good things come in threes: best products, competent consulting, first-class service.

Solid-C Corinna Fürholzer

"If you want to stay on top, you have to keep thinking ahead."

Cornelia Fürholzer

"We combine German engineering and the Swabian spirit of ingenuity."

Christian Fürholzer

SolidC Christian Fürholzer

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Solid-C is at the apex where the rooftop world meets

We look forward to answering your questions about safety on roofs. Via email, phone, at trade fairs or at our location in Heimsheim.

Our products have proven themselves on countless rooftops.

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