Parapet guardrails – Firmly installed safety without compromise.

Parapet railings are the space-saving solution on roofs with superstructures that go right up to the parapet and on roofs that cannot bear any additional load.


All the way: Aluminum railing with parapet mounting for 100% safety.

Permanent guardrails mounted onto parapets offer solid protection. Everywhere, all the time.

GARDCO guardrails can be mounted under the parapet cover, on or inside the parapet, as well as on roof surfaces.

This allows you more space on the roof surface for all superstructures such as PV systems and air conditioners.

Fastening under the parapet cover.

Fastening under the parapet cover represents the perfect integration of a railing onto a building. For this reason, this variant is usually chosen for new buildings or completely renovated ones. The bracket mounted on the parapet can be adapted to thermal insulation up to 170 mm. Ask us for an offer for your building project.

Attachment inside the parapet.

Fastening can be carried out laterally on the inside of the parapet or on the outside of the rising wall. Post height can be adjusted accordingly. Choose from the different post shapes and find the ideal one for your building. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your specific project.

Attachment to concrete.

GARDCO ALF, bolted solidly. The system is designed to be attached to the parapet, but is equally suitable for mounting directly on the roof surface. In combination with a baseboard, it can also be used to secure roof areas without a parapet. With color coating, the railing can be integrated into the appearance of the building. We will be happy to advise you on this.


ProductRoof guardrail for mounting at or on the parapet
StandardsDIN EN 13374 Cl. A and DIN EN ISO 14122-3
OptionsMounting on the side, under the parapet cover or on the roof surface
OtherNo load on the roof surface, no disturbing cantilevers

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