Freestanding guardrails.

Economical and safe without roof penetration. Because for us at Solid-C, safety is our top priority.


GARDCO railings for systematic safety.

With guardrails from Solid-C your roof receives complete all-round protection – very quickly and easily. Tested according to DIN EN 13374.

Solid-C’s roof railings from GARDCO can be installed on flat roofs in a self-supporting way meaning roof penetration is not necessary, as outriggers and counterweights provide the necessary stability. All requirements of DIN ISO 14122-3 and DIN EN 13374 standards are fulfilled. Since there is no need for costly mounting on the roof, installation is quick and inexpensive.

The GARDCO system can be planned for special adaptations on roofs and offers protection to all persons on the roof at all times.

Load-bearing safety guardrails.

Ballasted side guardrails can be installed on all roofs with bitumen, foil covering or even gravel without penetration.

Guardrails on green roofs.

On green roofs, with appropriate planning the cantilever disappears with the counterweight into the greenery – a visually appealing solution.

Guardrails integrated into green roof
Walkway with foldable guardrails

Foldable guardrails.

We offer foldable guardrails in a variety of customized versions. They are suitable for areas on the roof that are visually exposed where they would disrupt the aesthetics of the building when fully extended.

Domed skylight enclosures.

Domed skylights, smoke vents and arcade roof lights without fall-through protection must be treated in the same way as roof edges. GARDCO offers suitable solutions with or without a safety door, according to your needs.



Produktdurchdringungsfreies Dachrandgeländer bis max. 10° Dachneigung
MaterialGeländerteile Aluminium, Auflast kunststoffummantelter Beton
NormenDIN EN 13374 Kl. A und DIN EN ISO 14122-3
Variantensenkrechte und 15° geneigte Pfosten, Farbeschichtung auf Wunsch
SonstigesFußleiste bei Attikahöhe unter 150 mm erforderlich

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