Roof crossovers.

Thanks to our modular system, assembled and ready to use in no time.


With ROOFCROSS you can safely overcome all obstacles.

Whether it’s a small step-over from the standard program or an elaborate high or long platform is required, we are ready to assist you with your individual solution.

ROOFCROSS – Crossovers provide a safe passage over fire walls, parapets, pipes or ventilation ducts. They can also be used as a transition between different roof levels.

ROOFCROSS – Roof crossovers on flat roofs are normally self-supporting with counterweights and do not require anchoring into the supporting structure. On metal roofs, an appropriate substructure ensures secure fastening to the seam or corrugation.

With a slope angle of 45° or 60°, the crossovers are easy to walk on and can be individually adapted. The gratings’ anti-slip surfaces provide secure footing. The crossovers are delivered partially assembled so they can be mounted on the roof in almost no time.

ROOFCROSS roof crossovers meet ISO 14122-3 requirements.


ProductRoof crossovers for roof-to-roof transitions, passage over fire walls, pipes and other obstacles
StandardsDIN EN ISO 14122-3
OptionsLoad-bearing or for mounting on concrete slabs or metal roofs
OtherMade to measure according to customer's requirements

Product information


Here you can see crossovers in use on site.