Walkways for maintenance

On ROOFWALK you walk safely even in wind and weather to PV systems, flues and all installations on the roof that need regular maintenance.


Safety is our highest priority.

ROOFWALK’s advantages are clear as day. Our walkways give you slip-proof and level access with slope compensation up to a 40° roof pitch.

Your employees can safely walk on the roof anytime and in virtually any weather conditions. For added safety against falls, maintenance walkways can be equipped with guardrails or an anchoring device for personal fall protection systems. Our variable path system can be installed on seam and profile roofs, but also on trapezoidal, sandwich and other sloped roofs.

On metal roofs with more than a 5° angle, DIN 4426 requires maintenance walkways to have a minimum width of 50 cm to ensure safe access to workplaces. ROOFWALK fulfills this requirement and can also be extended to create wider working and standing areas.

ROOFWALK is available in several variants and can be individually adapted:

  • ROOFWALK is safety-standard-compliant according to DIN 4426 and DIN EN 516
  • ROOFWALK GARDCO walkway with guardrails on one or both sides according to DIN EN 13374
  • ROOFWALK SAFE walkway with an anchoring device according to DIN EN 516 class 2 and EN 795

Total 100% safety on all roofs worldwide starts with comprehensive consulting and service in three steps:

  1. Building-oriented planning and consultation
  2. Precise material lists
  3. On-time delivery according to exact material planning

Solid-C – Taking safety to the top

Airport Algier

Heavy metal – Safe walking across standing seam roofs.

The outstanding flexibility of the ROOFWALK system makes it also suitable for barrel roofs or special roof forms and thus an ideal solution for planners, architects, and building owners. Proven many times over on roofs all over the world.

Tiptop on trapezoids – Maintenance walkways for safety on trapezoidal roofs.

ROOFWALK is ideally suited for use on trapezoidal roofs, creating ideal accessibility and protection for employees working on the roof. Safety assured.

Non-penetrating walkway with railing on flat roof

On flat surfaces – Fall protection through secured walkways.

On flat roofs, ROOFWALK protects both workers and roofs. Roofing is efficiently protected from damage through easy-to-use maintenance walkways. Good for the roof.


ProductWalkway for maintenance and inspection purposes
MaterialSubstructure and railing parts made of aluminum – Profiled sheet metal gratings of galvanized steel or aluminum
StandardsDIN 4426 and EN 516
OptionsWith or without railing, with anchoring device, as a path, working platform or pedestal
OtherFlexible walkway routing parallel to eaves, eaves-to-ridge, also diagonal and polygonal, anti-slip gratings for all-weather safety.

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