Fixed stationary ladders.

Roofs that can’t be reached for maintenance via inside stairs require access via fixed stationary ladders from the outside. ROOFCLIMB makes all types of safe access possible – rung by rung.


Safely up to the roof with ROOFCLIMB.

Fixed ladders from ROOFCLIMB are the safe and easy access to maintenance and work areas on roofs. From a height of 3 meters with back protection, secured against unauthorized access with lockable elements, they comply exactly with DIN EN ISO 14122-4 requirements.

ROOFCLIMB ladders are lightweight because they are made of high-quality 6000 series aluminum alloys with extreme rigidity. They are cut to size, pre-assembled and pre-drilled upon delivery to minimize your installation time. Back protection brackets, ladder connectors and fasteners provide everything you need for a safe climb.

ROOFCLIMB from Solid-C

  • Stationary fixed ladders for buildings and machinery facilities
  • 100% high-quality aluminum alloy from the 6000 series
  • High resistance even in aggressive environments, e.g. saline solution
  • Pre-drilled stile profiles in 65 – 25 mm
  • From 3 meters with back protection, from 10 meters multi-level with platform
  • Substantial pre-assembly, customized individual parts


ProductStationary ladder for safe access to the roof or from one roof surface to the next higher one.
OptionsVarious access, exit and door versions
OtherPre-assembled and cut to length

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You can climb to these roofs with our ladders.