Roof clamps: small components – maximum safety.

Different clamps are used for the wide variety of standing seam and profile metal roofing types. Proven quality and great solutions can be found in our CF:x clamp product range.

In metal roof installations, roof clamps are the smallest parts and crucially important for safety. Whether they are used for fall protection or photovoltaic systems, for solar installations or catwalk structures, they must safely transfer the forces acting on them to the roofing. They should be very quick, simple and extremely safe to install. This powerful set of six clamp types from Solid-C’s product range meet all these requirements easily. They guarantee an extremely tight fit and excellent holding strength. All clamps have been tested and proven on various metal roof profiles.

We will be happy to advise you on all technical details concerning your specific type of roof. The roof clamps are pre-assembled for quick installation, the clamps with 2 fixing screws are used for applications with larger loads or moment loads. They have a central M10 threaded hole on top for easy and quick attachment of systems or structures installed on roofs. The mini clamps with only one fixing screw are used for mounting solar and photovoltaic systems.

The secure six – the roof clamp system with a perfect fit.

CF:x Klemmen

R-Klemmen Falzklemme

The R-Clamp.Right for all standard round “bulb” seam profiles.

R-Clamps are suitable for non-penetrating fastening on round seam profiles, such as Bemo, Kalzip, Aluform or Rib Roof Evolution. Extremely high holding strength is achieved by screws facing each other, where the ends are concave or convex at the pressure point.

The DS-Clamp.Super tight.

DS-Clamps are used for non-penetrating fastening on double-folded standing seam profiles. The tight grip is created by fixing screws rounded at the clamping point, so that the clamps achieve very high holding strength.


The M-Clamp.Made to measure.

M-Clamps are ideal for fastening onto crafted angled standing seam and many snap-lock seam profiles. Thanks to the wide 14 mm opening, the clamps can be placed directly on the standing seam.

The RD 80-Clamp.Because 80 mm can hold more.

The RD 80 clamp is a special design for profiles such as Zambelli Rib-Roof 465 and Domico GBS. They are also suitable for many similar types. At a length of 80 mm, they grip the seam securely and develop high holding strength.

RD 80-clamp

The K15-Clamp.Out of the ordinary.

Perfect fit for profiles such as Domitec, Klip-Lok 406 and Saflok 410. The threaded hole on the top and the side clip make further assembly quick and easy.

The K20-Clamp.The clamp that’s clever.

The professional clamp for Klip-Lok 980 Optima, WeatherClip 655, Weatherclip 700 profiles and all similar types. The high load capacity of these profiles ideally complements the K20 clamp.



ProductRoof clamps for installation of photovoltaics and fall protection on standing seam metal roofs.
StandardsBuilding authority approval for DS- and R-Clamps. Extensive testing of all clamps on various profiles.
OptionsSuitable types for all standard roof profiles
OtherProven high holding strength

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