September 25, 2018

Boehler Aerospace, based in Kapfenberg, Austria, is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty die-forged parts for the aerospace industry.

The existing forge hall had to be extended for an additional high-speed forging press. So-called lantern superstructures on the ridges of the halls are used for ventilation and lighting of the hall. For safe access to maintain the ventilation systems as well as clean the 800-kW solar system and internal gutters, 340 m of ROOFWALK with 840 mm wide railings on one and both sides were installed on the roof.

Thanks to the special profiling of the ROOFWALK gratings, workers at Boehler Aerospace can safely access the maintenance paths and service the forging facilities even in winter when it snows.

The roof of the forging hall with special lantern superstructures

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